Autobiography of Ideas/Welcome to Odd Splice

I picked this exercise up from an older episode of Conner Habib’s podcast. The idea is to list out all of the ideas that had an impact on you, be they book, film, album, whatever. Then you organize them by the age you were when you encountered them. Below are my pages so far:

I’ve gotten as far as the perioditization. The next step is to name the different “chapters” or “eras” based on the themes that emerge. Conner’s suggestion was to use 7 year chunks so that is what I did.

I’m still sitting with this, and the actual work of naming the chapters has been elusive, even a little painful. It’s a deeply perosnal process. Still, there’s something wild about having a fairly exhaustive map of my influences and thinking over the years. I’ll make another post down the line when the chapter titles come to me.

I thought this would be a good place to start the Odd Splice blog. A little behind the scenes, a fragmentary glimpse at all of the ideas and art that have meant something to me over the years.

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