Thursday Lynx 2/24/22

photo by Pixabay

Hysteria High: How Demons Destroyed a Florida School – article about a case of mass hysteria/demon possession at a military academy run by a Cuban exile.

Part 2 and Part 3 of Charles’s series about social media and psychoanalysis

Notes on Squeecore – Simon Mcneil’s analysis of the “dominant paradigm” in contemporary SFF lit

Household Tyrants – A (paywalled) piece about Republicans and their embrace of the Parental Rights movement. Chilling stuff

Ministry of Punishment – Bracketing that Talia Lavin sucks, this is a great series of articles on the fundamentalist Christian parenting industrial complex

Shadows Dancing – An interview with Director David Robert Mitchell about his film Under the Silver Lake (This is referenced heavily in an upcoming podcast episode — stay tuned)

On the Edge, From the Heart – An old interview with SF author Richard Paul Russo. I read his very good novel Ship of Fools recently, though this interview predates it.

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